Foundations’ Office

JH Partners plays an essential role in the growth, vitality, and sustainability of the community through our Foundations’ Office. The office team provides cost-efficient professional services to 19 charitable and non-profit organizations in our community, including guidance on financial matters such as accounting and investments. This support is especially important to some of the smaller organizations, those that have administrative structures run solely by a few devoted volunteers.

The Foundations’ Office is also committed to supporting philanthropic enhancement projects to strengthen the Jeffery Hale brand and engage the community in our foundations.

What makes the Foundations’ Office unique

The Foundations’ Office is all about efficiency, innovation, and commitment. We are at our best when we work as a team. We are recognized for our expertise. People comment on our ability to generate successful results.

We are known for our financial management expertise and credibility. Using teamwork and our diverse talents, we deliver consistent results that strengthen our community organizations and help them grow. By achieving our financial objectives, we make a real difference in our community.

What we do

Learn more about our areas of strategic focus under which we organize our programs, services and activities:


Community Development & Vitality


Wellness Programs


WE Volunteer

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