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One of the main reasons people appreciate working for JH Partners is our incredible team of staff. Sharing the common goal of serving the community, everyone knows that they are making a difference by being part of an organization that is driven by compassion, energy and dedication and brings out the best in its employees.

Engaged, supportive, respectful, and fun-loving, my colleagues are always ready to innovate and improve. My teammates are like my extended family: we take care of each other while caring for others.”

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Read on to meet each member of the JH Partners’ team!

Anaïs Fortin-Maltais

Program Coordinator

Anaïs was born in Montreal and grew up in Lac-Saint-Jean. She moved to Quebec City in 2015 for her studies and has since fallen in love with the place, which she describes as an urban countryside. With a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Psychology from Université Laval, at first, Anaïs was aiming for a career as a speech therapist working with seniors with major neurocognitive disorders. Her experience as a volunteer and then as a summer student at Saint Brigid's Home, however, opened her eyes to the experiences of seniors’ caregivers, which then led her to reorient her path towards a master's degree in social work. In her previous work as a social worker in the health care network, Anaïs led support groups for caregivers in long-term care centres. Her love of the English-speaking community, however, and her dedication to caregivers led her to join the JH Partners’ team in early 2022 as a coordinator of our Well 50+ and Caregivers' Circle programs. In her spare time, Anaïs enjoys crocheting, embroidery and crafting. She volunteered to help with the residents’ painting activity at Saint Brigid's over a few years. Curious by nature, Anaïs enjoys learning something new every day. How fortunate, because the caregivers with whom she works have a wealth of experience to share.

Andrew Ayre

Program Support Agent

Andrew was born and raised in Québec City. His connection to the Jeffery Hale Hospital, and all of the organizations associated with it in our Community of Care, runs deep. Both of his parents were very involved in the local English-speaking community throughout his childhood. After a career in the construction industry as a project coordinator, Andrew decided to make a change and become a graphic designer. He joined JH Partners in 2022 as our program support agent. Since then, he has been putting his skills and experience to excellent use in helping JH Partners present its wonderful programs to the public and assisting his teammates in running activities. In his free time, Andrew is also involved in the sport of rugby in the Québec City area. He is an assistant coach for Université Laval’s women’s rugby team and he coaches a mini-rugby camp for kids ages 6-12, also at the university. Father of two young girls, Andrew enjoys living an active lifestyle be it cross-country skiing in the winter with his partner and their daughters, and trail running the rest of the year.

Ange Victoire Itulinde

Administrative Assistant

Born in Rwanda, Ange grew up in Kenya and moved to Québec City in 2007.  She speaks both French and English, as well as two African dialects. Ange attended Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence and holds a diploma in Business administration.  Before joining JH Partners in October of 2018, she held administrative positions in different organizations including the CNESST and Revenu Québec. Ange is our administrative assistant for Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's Friends’ Foundation and for Saint Brigid's Guild. In addition to her work with JH Partners, giving back to the community through volunteer work is very important to Ange. She enjoys travelling, singing and reading interior-design books.

Annabelle Cloutier

Director of Wellness Programs

Annabelle was raised in the charming Québec City suburb of l'Ancienne-Lorette. She has always had a heartfelt interest in the wellbeing of others. She graduated from UQAM with a bachelor’s degree in social work in 2002. Over the years, she was fortunate to be part of various volunteer practicums in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Spain. While there, she worked on various community development projects, several of which aimed to improve access to health care, and also took advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish.  She is fluent in three languages! Annabelle became an employee of Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s in 2008, as a social worker at Jeffery Hale Community Services in intake and homecare teams, where she got to know first-hand the local English-speaking community, particularly in terms of its CLSC-type health and social services needs. She also worked in the Jeffery Hale’s palliative care and rehabilitation (UTRF) units and long-term care at both the Jeff and at Saint Brigid’s Home. Annabelle joined JH Partners in 2009, and assumed the role of director of Wellness programs in 2016. In this capacity, she actively collaborates with our organization’s many partners, in both the public and community sectors, to coordinate, consolidate and develop programs and initiatives that better the health and well-being of the local English-speaking population. Every day, she sees countless examples of solidarity that confirm her belief in the strength of community and people’s ability to work together for the collective good. She is very proud to work with such dedicated colleagues on the JH Partners’ team and to be a part of our shared Community of Care.

Claire Quenville


Claire moved to Québec city in August of 2008 from Sudbury, Ontario. She has a college diploma from Collège Boréal in Travail social-gérontologie and a BA in Gerontology. Before moving to Québec City, Claire worked for many years in a long-term care setting as an activity assistant, and as an occupational therapy assistant. She held a position as a community resource worker (centralized referral and coordination) with the Canadian Mental Health Association, in collaboration with the Sudbury Regional Hospital mental health and addictions programs. In August 2019, when the opportunity arose with to join JH Partners team, Claire did not hesitate. As of April 2021, she is coordinator of Wellness Activities at McGreevy Manor, allowing her to put her interpersonal skills to work for this clientele that is so close to her heart.

Diane Kameen

Communications Advisor

Diane moved to Quebec City from Winnipeg in 1988 to build a life with her Québecois spouse. A sense of community belonging was the key to making this place truly feel like home to her, so she reached out to Voice of English-speaking Québec for newcomer support.  The rest is history. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Communications Studies from Concordia University. Diane is deeply committed to the well-being of the local English-speaking community. As our communications advisor, she provides strategic communications counsel and services to Jeffery Hale Community Partners, including the Wellness Centre, and to Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s as well as several other related organizations. With a view to the overall client experience in healthcare, compassion and attention to detail, Diane enjoys public relations and branding.  She also loves writing and editing and has a passion for plain language and clear design in all forms of communication. Diane gives her volunteer time to the Morrin Centre and to local community foundations. She is a fan of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph newspaper and CBC Radio 104.7 FM in Quebec City.

Elise Holloway

Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, Elise was introduced to volunteering at a young age. Her desire to have a positive impact on others and to build strong administrative skills inspired her to seek a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Hotel and Food Administration at the University of Guelph, from which she graduated with honours. After meeting her Quebecois partner in Whistler, she began learning French and moved to Montréal. Their adventure had just begun when four years later they moved to Belgium, eventually landing in Québec City in 2014. The support Elise received from VEQ as a newcomer was a game changer! She was able to confidently hit the workforce and gain valuable bilingual work experience as a coordinator. Being the proud parent of two young children, Elise soon found herself participating in the many Family Matters activities offered through the Wellness Centre. She became an active volunteer in the hope of bringing joy and support to local English-speaking families. She was able to work closely with the dedicated team at JH Partners through her involvement as a volunteer in helping to coordinate the Children’s Christmas Party three years in a row, among other events. It is all these personal and professional experiences combined that led Elise to the opportunity to join the JH Partners’ team as the full-time Volunteer Coordinator in the fall of 2021. This job suits her perfectly because it means she can fulfill her passions of being part of a dedicated team, building excellent client relations, and supporting her fellow community members. In her spare time, she enjoys experimenting with her green thumb through gardening, and being in the great outdoors with her family.

Emilie Brushett

Program Coordinator

Emilie was born and raised in Quebec City, growing up in a mostly Francophone family. She was lucky enough to attend English school, where she developed a strong sense of belonging to the English-speaking community of Quebec City. Emilie started her career with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, gaining experience in counselling and intervention with clients of different ages and backgrounds both in a hospital setting and in private practice. While working at Cegep Champlain St. Lawrence, she realized how passionate she was about working with people who have special needs. This led her to take a leap of faith and change her career path, completing a Master's Degree in Psychopedagogy with a focus on Special Education. After having her two daughters, Emilie was looking for a new professional challenge when she learned about JH Partners. She officially joined our team in fall 2020 and, as of April, 2021,  began working as coordinator of our RISE Program. As such, Emilie looks forward to having a positive impact on the daily lives of our special needs clients. Outside of work, she enjoys being outdoors in nature, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Jarryd Smith

Community Animator

Jarryd was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After a short stay in Montreal in 2011, he returned to Australia for a few years, officially moving to Quebec City in 2018 with his wife and son. Jarryd holds a Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science and Human Movement from Victoria University, Australia. Upon completing his degree in 2010, his career progressed naturally towards fitness coaching. He established his own bootcamp business in Melbourne, training clients year-round in outdoor settings. In 2018, he began using his knowledge, experience, and skill set to transition into online fitness, specializing in helping men take control of their health by developing better eating habits and increasing their daily physical activity. In 2019, Jarryd partnered with the Wellness Center on a pilot project known as "Dadventures", leading outdoor activities for English-speaking fathers and father figures. His part-time job as community animator for the WE Dads program, a new role with JH Partners since early 2022, aligns perfectly with Jarryd’s personal values, his mission to help men improve their health, as well as his passion for leading groups. Since moving to Québec City, his family has grown from three to four, and he has become accustomed to winter (having seen snow only for the first time when he was 23). Believing in a world where everyone can reach their full potential, mentally, physically, and socially, Jarryd also feels that his most important job in life is being a good husband and fun dad.

Jean-Sebastien Jolin-Gignac

Director of Community Development & Vitality

JS was born and raised on the South Shore of Quebec City where he lives with his wife and their three children as well as their cat and their yellow Labrador. JS started working with the English-speaking community in 2005 as a youth coordinator for Voice of English-speaking Québec and hasn’t left the building since. He became the executive director of VEQ in 2008 and transitioned to the position of director of community development & vitality for JH Partners in 2015. Growing up in a small community where people know and help one another, JS has always believed in the importance of strong community involvement. A volunteer coach for over 10 years in two sports, JS is passionate about helping youth build their confidence and inner strength through the practice of team sports. Supporting people facing prejudice or living with disabilities has always been at the heart of his professional life. As a result, JS feels extremely privileged in his current role as director of community development and vitality. This role allows him the opportunity to oversee many exciting ventures such as NPI (Networking and Partnership Initiative), the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign and our RISE program for special needs persons.

Jessica Price

Program Coordinator

Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, Jessica moved to Québec in 2007 with the intention of staying for only one year, but life had other plans! She soon fell in love with life in “la belle province” and laid down her roots here. She graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a diploma in Intercultural Education Training. Jessica has always been passionate about making connections with people and giving back to others, which is why she feels fortunate to work with an organization that does so much for our beloved community. Jessica began working with the JH Partners’ team in the fall of 2020. She then became coordinator of our Family Matters program in April of 2021. Previously, she had been working as Newcomers Coordinator with Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ) since 2014. During those years, Jessica frequently worked in close collaboration with many of the compassionate and dedicated staff on the JH Partners’ team. They already felt like an extended family to her which helped make her transition to her interim duties that much easier. She is thrilled to be on board with JH Partners and it could not have been a shorter move for her, literally just one door down from her old office! Outside of the office, Jessica keeps busy running after her two little boys, spending her time with her husband Pierre-Luc, and getting outdoors with them as often as possible to explore Québec’s beautiful and wild spaces.

Kate Nadeau

Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Québec City, Kate was one of the fortunate few to be able to be able to attend English school here.  Starting at a young age, she showed a passion for childcare and education. When she was 15, Kate was offered a volunteer opportunity in JH Partners' special needs program, qualifying her as the SNACS Program's first-ever volunteer! The time she spent in the program under the guidance of Julie Slattery, her mentor, served to confirm Kate’s desire to continue to work with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She was accepted at Vanier College in special care counselling. While in Montreal, Kate also had the opportunity to work at the Giant Steps school where she trained in the TEACCH method (treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children) and applied behaviour analysis. From there, she went to Kingston to train in the verbal behaviour approach of working with children with ASD. After completing her studies, Kate began her career with the Central Quebec School Board as a special education technician. She was selected for a pilot project at St. Vincent’s Elementary School to implement a specialized program for ASD students. In between, she took some time to travel the world and give birth to her two wonderful children. In addition to working part-time as a special education technician at Holland School, Kate was also hired part-time in 2018 by JH Partners as our SNACS Program coordinator. She has found in our Wellness Centre a caring and passionate space that allows her to apply all her experience and knowledge into her true calling. She loves connecting with the English-speaking community and innovating in finding new ways to care for our special needs clientele.

Mireille Trottier

Community Life Animator

Mireille was born in the St-Nicolas borough of Lévis, where she lived until the end of high school. She also spent a lot of time in St-Étienne where her grandmother lived. In fact, she visited her grandmother so much, she practically raised her. She taught her to cook, garden, sew and knit and passed along the main values that guide Mireille today. She also often followed her grandmother when she went to volunteer at a local seniors' residence. Mireille believes that is why she loves working with older adults so much; she considers them all family. In high school, Mireille was involved in almost every committee, including student life, pastoral care and peer helpers, and she did a lot of volunteer work with seniors and persons with special needs. This led her to enroll in the Technique en éducation spécialisée program at Cégep de Ste-Foy, where she met her colleague William. He was the one who encouraged her to apply for the Community Life Animator job at Saint Brigid's Home. She has several English-speaking friends and has always been open to learning different languages, thanks to her curiosity and passion for travel. She has travelled to France, Hawaii, Peru and Mexico, where she learned Spanish. She is also deeply involved in her church's teen ministry, young adult ministry, and welcome and internship teams.

Nectaria Skokos

Program Coordinator

Nectaria moved to Quebec City in January 2003 to start a life with her Québecois husband. A first-generation Canadian of Greek origin, Nectaria left her roots in Montreal behind to make a new life in this fair city. In her early days here, she longed to find an English bookstore like those she loved to frequent in downtown Montreal.  Much to her delight, she discovered La Maison Anglaise store in Place de la Cité. While shopping there one day, she made her next happy discovery of our local English community newspaper, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. She bought a subscription to the paper right away, in which she soon a job opening with the JH Partners' team. Fast forward to over 11 years later and Nectaria is having the time of her life, enjoying each of the many hats she wears in her role as program coordinator for Community Development & Vitality. She has been able to apply her 22+ years of experience in international affairs and business management to so many worthwhile projects, including the following: McGreevy Manor seniors’ apartment complex; SNACS Entrepreneurs, a work platform for special needs persons, and its bi-annual Book Fair fundraiser; the annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign; and JHSB Friends' Foundation's golf tournament, to name a few! Nectaria holds a MBA from the Écoles des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montreal with a specialization in marketing and corporate strategy and a bachelor of commerce from Concordia University with a specialization in international business and marketing. She speaks three languages: Greek, English and French, and is doing her best to pass on her love for languages to her teenage son. She served on the VEQ board of directors for three years, with one year on its executive committee. She currently serves on the board of SNACS Entrepreneurs, and is involved in various community committees. In her spare time, she listens to CBC Radio, 104. 7 FM in Quebec City, enjoys staying in touch with her family in Montreal and elsewhere, and taking trips to fabulous foreign destinations.

Nicole Moulaison

Special Educator

Nicole grew up in the small town of Digby, Nova Scotia, world famous for scallops. She obtained a Bachelor of Psychology and a Certificate in Disability Management from Dalhousie University in Halifax. After university, she moved to Québec City with her partner who is a mechanic for the military. She attended a Francisation program to continue to develop her French skills. Nicole is currently continuing her education by taking the Special Care Counsellor program at Champlain College. Nicole has always enjoyed working with people with special needs. Throughout her schooling she volunteered to help younger special needs students with their class work. Her first job after university was as a special education technician at Québec High School. There she provided classroom support for students, including those in the special needs classroom. Nicole is a part of the JH Partners team as a special educator with our RISE program. The thing she loves most about her position is seeing her clients grow and reach their greatest potential. In her spare time Nicole is always making something. She crochets, knits, sews, embroiders, and does any other craft she can get her hands on. She and her partner have two bunnies, Chloe and Luci, which they spoil as much as possible.

Richard Walling

Executive Director

As executive director of Jeffery Hale Community Partners, Richard has focused most of his career on the development of health and social services for the English-speaking minority community in the Quebec City region. Born at the Jeffery Hale Hospital, he grew up in Shannon, a charming and historic Irish settlement just north of Québec City. He serves as president of Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Advisory Committee. He is also executive secretary of the Governors of Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s, a public health and social services establishment in Quebec City which has been serving the minority language community for over 150 years. He is co-chair of the L’équipe de recherche en partenariat sur la diversité culturelle et l’immigration dans la région de Québec. He is a member of the regional access committee on English-Language services for the Capitale-Nationale region, and was past president of the provincial English language health and social services committee. Richard co-authored, "I Dream – The Holland Centre Experience: A Community Development Model for Minorities", which also serves to document his work over past 30 years in improving the health and well-being of English-speaking people of Québec City and across our vast province. In his spare time, he enjoys taking his labradoodle for long walks and enjoying time with his family at their haven in Baie St-Paul with its spectacular view over the majestic St. Lawrence Seaway.

Sylvie Masse

Governance and Administrative Support Agent

Originally from Montreal, Sylvie has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from McGill University. After completing her post-secondary education, she spent several years as a project coordinator for a company specializing in events and communications in the domains of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Her focus was overseeing the organization of conferences and symposia, as well as the production of accredited educational communications in the healthcare milieu. Sylvie moved to Québec in 2004 with her family and fell in love with the city. She spent a few years at home raising her two boys (now young men) and volunteering her time at a local elementary school. In 2009, she returned to the workforce as a coordinator for a telecommunications company. In 2013, she accepted a position as administrative assistant and event coordinator for the Institute of Infection and Immunity of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research based at the Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec. When the institute left the province, Sylvie was transferred to the Genomics Centre of the CHU de Québec research centre in the position of executive assistant. In late 2022, Sylvie joined the JH Partners’ team as our governance and administrative support agent. She is proud and passionate about being part of an organization that supports the health and well-being of the Québec region’s dynamic English-speaking minority community. In her spare time, Sylvie loves reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends.  

Verity Jordan

Program Coordinator

Verity was born and raised near Coventry/Birmingham, England. With her Bachelor of Arts (with honours) in hand from the University of York in French, German and Linguistics, she moved to Québec from the UK in 2016 for an adventure and to develop her French. She came to this fair province with the intention of staying for one year but loved it so much, she’s still here! Initially working in teaching English, she spent her first year in the Gaspé. She joined the MCDC’s South Shore English Network in early 2021, working to help foster a vibrant English-speaking community on that side of the seaway.  In the fall of 2022, she crossed the St. Lawrence in her professional life to join the JH Partners’ team as our WE Mind Mental Health Program coordinator. Growing up in a village in the UK, Verity has always been involved in community. In her work in various countries—England, France and now Canada—and with people from diverse backgrounds, she realized that interpersonal relations and helping others was something she wanted to continue.  As a newcomer to Québec, she is thrilled to have been welcomed into the English-speaking community here and be able to give back through her work. In her spare time outside of the office, Verity enjoys attempting to bake (with varying degrees of success!), growing houseplants as well as flowers and vegetables in her garden (also with varying degrees of success!), and discovering the beautiful nature spots that Québec has to offer (with boundless success!).

Vivian Yatabe

Special Educator

Vivian was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Quebec City in the winter of 2007. She moved here with her husband as a new chapter in their lives after living in Toronto for 10 years. Her passion for working with people with special needs began when she travelled across Canada doing volunteer work in the field. She completed her B.A. in Psychology from York University with a joint certificate in vocational rehabilitation services. She also completed courses in career counselling. One of Vivian's greatest passions is working with people of all abilities. She believes that all persons, regardless of differences and abilities, can reach their greatest potential if given the right opportunity. Currently, she is putting her skills to work for JH Partners as a special educator with our RISE program for adults with special needs. Vivian lives an active life enjoying activities such as Pound, Mud girl races and more. She also delights in being a hockey mom. Whether it’s an early morning practice or a weekend game, it gives her great pride and fills her heart to see her son working so hard and doing something he loves!

William Provencher

Community Life Animator

Born in Trois-Rivières, Québec, William moved a lot over the course of his young life with his father who is in the Canadian military. This nomadic childhood made William want to see more of the world. He has visited many places such as Portugal, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Yellowstone National Park and New York City. William worked part-time at various places during his school years, such as at the cadet camp kitchen at Valcartier military base and at Patro Roc-Amadour, where he helped lead group of teens with intellectual disabilities. He holds a diploma from Cégep Ste-Foy as a Special Care Counselor.  He is now works as our community life coordinator of Wellness Activities at Saint Brigid’s Home, his first full-time job after completing his studies. William fell in love with the very special place that is Saint Brigid's Home, both the residents and the caring and highly dedicated team of staff and volunteers.  What started as a internship in 2018 slowly evolved into a job that encompasses everything he enjoys: helping residents and making a difference in their daily lives by planning and animated all sorts of events and activities, especially those art-related, by training volunteers, and more. In his free time, William lends a helping hand to his family members when in need.  He also enjoys drawing and writing; one of his personal goals being to publish a novel someday, not to mention visiting Japan, his ultimate dream destination.

Yan Feng

Guild Boutique

Yan moved to beautiful Québec City with her family from New Zealand in 2000. She will be forever grateful for the welcome she received from a local church and from the English-speaking community. This friendly community greeting made Yan's adaptation to Québec's rich French-speaking culture much more enjoyable. Over the years, she has joyfully served her church and has extended her volunteer activities to the local community. Before joining Saint Brigid’s Guild, Yan worked as a researcher, a graduate student advisor, and an assistant professor at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Université Laval, and at Dalhousie University in the field of supply chain management and industrial engineering. During that time, she published several peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and other reference materials. She also served as an associate editor for a book, guest editor for a scientific journal, and reviewer for several other scientific journals. Yan has many years' work experience in industries in New Zealand and China as an analyst, a process engineer, and a mechanical engineer. Yan is now working at Saint Brigid’s Guild clothing boutique, under the administrative wing of Jeffery Hale Community Partners. She is passionate about her work because the funds raised by the Guild provide financial support for initiatives that help improve the quality of life and well-being of the residents of Saint Brigid’s Home, and of the frail elderly and other vulnerable members of the English-speaking community in the Greater Québec City region.

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